It’s 12:01

Dawn Oberg
SPIN’s 7 Favorite Songs of the Week, SPIN July 29, 2016  “Dawn Oberg, “It’s 12:01″ (Self-Released) It’s entirely possible that San Franciscan singer-songwriter Dawn Oberg already had written half of “It’s 12:01before Luis Gongora was killed; the inevitability of racist police killing is indeed, as the Randy Newman-esque piano-pounder dubs, “a local and a national shame.” Oberg remembers more slain victims’ names in three minutes than a whole week of the RNC (or — quite frankly — the DNC either) and nails her white ally duty in one couplet: “It’s 12:01 motherf**ckers / Past time to change the guard at the gate.” It’s the chorus because it bears repeating. — DAN WEISS

The 50 Best Protest Songs of 2016 Village Voice, December 21, 2016 Dawn Oberg, “It’s 12:01”
Oberg’s country-tinged rock is an unlikely genre for condemning police brutality, but her tribute to Alex Nieto, Mario Woods, and other victims of San Francisco’s police force is both searing and affecting. Its arrival this year hit even harder since, in March, a jury cleared Nieto’s killers of wrongdoing in a civil suit brought by Nieto’s parents. — Z.B

Those who hunger for justice are now starving at the station door
Streets of the city, an SFPD killing floor
Will their children see more of the same, like targets in a video game?
The statue of St. Francis is weeping crimson tears
Blood of the innocent rushing to his ears
It’s 12:01, motherfuckers, past time to change the guard at the gate
The city of St. Francis presided over by this incarnation of hate
Alex Nieto, Mario Woods, Luis Gongora, Amilcar Perez Lopez
And now Jessica Williams, systemically sent to their deaths
And too many before them to name, a local and a national shame